You will find here, one of the most important accessories for field recording. Suspensions, blimps, windjammer, audio bags are essential for both amateur and professional work.

All this extra equipment makes your life easier and increase greatly the final result.



The microphone shock absorber is the essential accessory for any sound recordist. It’s main fonction is to filter the noises related to the friction of the hand on grip, the friction on the cables, the vibrations of the body when walking…
Good quality suspension are not cheap but they can filter a good part of the disturbing sounds, you just have to hold your breath;-).

I recommend Rycote produts who makes very good suspensions for every microphones, they make professional recording accessories.

best equipment used for field recording

Earsight microphone


An essential purchase that goes with a microphone or a portable recorder when you want to record outdoor sounds.

The microphones are ultra sensitive, the slightest breath or rapid movement of the microphone creates a rumble that ruins your recording.

In case of strong wind, the furry windscreen is a must. Some models may affect the sound and dampen treble slightly. Rode? bubblebee and Rycote are the most popular brands used by professionals and you can’t go wrong with them.

best equipment used for field recording



The ultimate solution to protect the microphone from strong wind is a blimp. Zeppelin or blimp are more efficient than windjammers because the microphone is surrounded by an air capsule protected from the wind. Treble rendering is better than windjammer but the difference is second to none.

best equipment used for field recording



Another essential accessory is the carrying bag. It’s possible to use a backpack or a shoulder bag (those for photography are very well designed with removable velcro parts) but audio bags are designed to carry all the equipment with confidence. They simplify cable management and provides access to important functions of the equipment.

Here the choice is large and it’s important that your choice fits to your equipment.

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