Binaural audio library contains sounds that have been recorded with special process. Microphones were placed on ears to simulate a real listening experience, it’s like creating 3D sound. Large amount of details can be heard thanks to high sensibility of microphones.

These sound give their full potential when listened with quality headphones. Open headphones give the best sound experience with large soundscapes they can offer.

If you want to get lossless files, please click on the tracklist above where you can buy the royalty-free files. You can use these sounds in your movies, videos, sound creations or for any content.

Soundscapes effects binaural libraries

walking in the heart of a french market, on a summer Sunday morning. A lot of people chatting indistinctively, a lot of surrounding sounds. life is back after the lockdown.

Dive into the Paris subway atmosphere through binaural audio. Door openings, announcements, indistinct discussions.

Dive into the ambiance of a railway station where the passengers are in a crowd and waiting for the train. Audio announcements, cart noises and snippets of discussions fill the sound image.