We love recording for the pleasure of listening. The right choice of monitoring headphones during the recording process is essential. As quality listening allows more precise placement of microphones to obtain the desired rendering.

A good listening system (audio interface + monitors) when you go home to enjoy yourself is also essential.
The equipment I present here has been tested for hours and compared to other models, so you won’t make a bad choice with this selection. You will also find my best monitoring speakers

best headphones for field recording


A must-have in the studio, the Beyer DT770 is everywhere… it’s easy to see why. The sound is clear and transparent, and the bass response is impressive without being overpowering.

Reassuring build quality and incredible comfort, considering the price it’s sold for. It’s unbelievable.

I use it for recording, listening to music, watching films, checking the details of mixing and mastering. It’s good in all configurations.

The only problem for field recording is the length of the 3m cable and the difficulty of storing it . I prefer the HD25 for this use.

best equipment used for field recording


The HD25 is so well known that it has become a legend…

This headset has a huge advantage. It slips quickly into a bag, it doesn’t get in the way when worn around the neck, and it’s super-lightweight. The sound quality and transient reproduction make them a must-have. They’ve become my favorite headphones for recording. I used to use the Beyerdynamic DT770 before, but its compact size makes it more useful in the studio.

One of the best monitoring devices for field recording.

best equipment used for field recording


The Genelec are a well-known reference in the world of audio, and not for nothing. From the very first listen, the sound is clear, punchy and flat.
Compared to the KALI LP6s I used to own: the sound is a notch above in every aspect, with a reduced size my best monitoring speakers.

A rather high price, but one that will last you for years.

It is still necessary to have a sound treatment. In your room to achieve the best performance… it’s the same for all speakers.

best equipment used for field recording


This interface is a real pleasure to use, everything is possible thanks to RME’s Totalmix software. The preamps and converters are extraordinary and it’s the ultimate interface for any musician or sound engineer.
The price is very high, but RME’s quality is undeniable, built like a tank and with software support that extends over 10 or 20 years, this is an investment without having to worry about upgrading the interface with each new release.

Extremely low latency is another feature of RME interfaces; I’ve never seen such low latency.

best equipment used for field recording

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