Microphones are the most important part of your equipment, converting sound into information.
The choice is vast, and each microphone has its own specific use.

Important selection criteria include:

  • Low self noise is an important consideration.
  • Durability and the ability to work in outdoor conditions are other criteria to consider.
    Here are some of the best microphones for field recording.

Earsight products


Developed for quiet environments and ease of transport, you can have them in your pocket at all times. Set them up anywhere, in any weather, and capture all the sounds you’ve ever dreamed of!

Their low cost means you can take risks and experiment, but low cost doesn’t mean low quality – Earsight microphones are used by professionals all over the world for film, radio, podcasts, field recording, sound design…
Professionals appreciate them for their discretion, sound reproduction and outdoor durability.

Available for :

  • XLR recorder input or
  • mini jack PIP power input.

Low noise, Sensitive, Affordable, Durable, Compact…




DPA 4060 stereo pair

I’d been wanting to test the DPA 4060s for a long time, as they’re renowned for their sound quality, and the ease with which they can be taken anywhere fits in with the philosophy I’ve had for designing Earsight microphones.
The sound is really qualitative and corresponds to what you can listen to on the net, but the self noise doesn’t make them suitable for quiet environments at night, for example.
They’re perfect for discreet instrument miking or daytime city soundscapes, but when you need quiet ambiences, the Earsight are more appropriate.

best equipment used for field recording

AUDIO TECHNICA AT4022 stereo pair

These are mics I’d heard a lot about, and I’m not disappointed: a natural, full, balanced sound, with good sensitivity and low background noise. In short, a microphone you don’t take everywhere (sensitive to humidity), but a pair of professional-quality sound rendering.
The price isn’t affordable, but at this level of quality, they’re finally worth comparing with the Sennheiser MHK8020, for example.

Video comparison with Earsight

best equipment used for field recording

SE Electronics SE-8 stereo pair

I had high expectations of these microphones, so I chose to test the Cardioide and Omni versions.
The 2 versions are similar in terms of sound quality, which is undeniable. They’re pleasant to listen to, well-built, and come in an interesting kit with the stereo bar, but their main flaw is self noise.
The specifications indicate a noise of 13dB, which is completely false and corresponds more to a noise of 20-24 dB, the noise corresponding to a high-frequency hiss that is impossible to remove in post-production.
Used for overhead guitar or drum miking, they’re perfect and that’s how I use them from now on.
Not suitable for quiet ambiances.

Video comparison with Earsight

best equipment used for field recording


I was lucky enough to have this kit in my hands for testing, and I have to admit that Schoeps’ reputation is clearly justified, the best microphones I’ve ever heard, and the impression is instantaneous, no coloration, a perfect and balanced rendering.

They’re the most expensive microphones you can find, but now I understand why.

best equipment used for field recording

best microphones used for field recording


We no longer present this shotgun microphone, the great classic Senheiser MKH416. THE standard for film sound recording, a microphone which may be pricey but the clarity and finesse of the sound reproduced is outstanding. The sounds captured do not require post-production equalization.

It is perfect for voices, animal sounds especially birds, sound effects, thanks to its good ability to reject sounds coming from the sides

Always reliable under any weather conditions, it is built like a tank to follow you around the world.

He only does mono, but he does it well!

best equipment used for field recording



This microphone is probably one of the best stereo best microphones used for field recording, also affordable. This mic is equipped with large diaphragm capsules who captures wide frequency detailled sound. The noise floor is also incredibly low.

Few hours of recording with it and you will love it!

Not as compact as the Earsight for travel, it also requires the use of a windjammer (Nanoshield or BBG).

Video comparison with Earsight

best equipment used for field recording

best equipment used for field recording microphones AT825


Purchased on ebay at a very attractive price, this microphone is excellent, its two cardioid electret capsules in X/Y are very sensitive. It provides detailed stereo image, perfect for stereo ambiances but with higher self noise.

Compact size allows sound recording with a sound quality exceeding that of the DR100’s microphones while remaining responsive (compared to a stereo pair mounted on a bar).

Its substitute, the BP4025 is better in every way, especially with larger diaphragms and a much more discreet self noise.

best equipment used for field recording

best microphones used for field recording


The price of this binaural microphone is incredibly low since apple doesn’t use lightning port anymore. Helped with ugreen adapter lightning to USBC, my android phone can capture binaural sounds with better quality than Roland wearpro.

I don’t use them anymore since I build my own binaural mic Earsight Binaural. who surpass them.

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