The best microphone is the one you always have with you.

Extremely sensitive microphones, low self noise professional microphones. Portable and perfect for nature recording, urban, instruments, field recording and ASMR. All Earsight mics are handcrafted in Nantes (France), each microphones will be tested before shipping.

Earsight microphones are available for immediate purchase, with worlwide fast shipping in just a few days. All models are in stock and available immediately.

If you don’t know which microphone suits your application, I can help you HERE

Assemblé en France
Immersive Soundscapes delivers in all countries of the world

Welcome to immersive soundscapes, a French guy who has been passionate about recording for years.

Having played several instruments (guitar, drums, piano…) the desire to record appeared quite quickly. The curiosity pushed me to try many studio recording techniques and to be interested in mixing and mastering.
Right away, I had the desire to record outside the studio and discover new sounds. That’s how I became addicted to field recording.

Then I wanted to build my own microphones, because coming from an engineering background, I had at my disposal tools that allowed me to build the Earsight prototype. I took them everywhere and optimized them to make them stronger and more reliable. This was the beginning of the Immersive Soundscapes adventure.

Each microphone is assembled by me, by hand, entirely in my workshop in France near Nantes. This guarantees a constant quality and a determination to offer you the best microphone possible. I am proud to answer quickly to your questions and to send you the microphones as quickly as possible.

My French status of autoentrepreneur allows me to work at home, without any additional costs other than my taxes due to this activity. This solution allows me to guarantee an affordable price.

Immersive Soundscapes is not my main job and that’s why I don’t need to propose high prices to earn a profit.

I propose you to discover by yourself the Earsight microphones. The product line is growing with time. Dedicated to professional field recordists, studio recording engineers as well as enthusiasts, their low noise and high sensitivity are the trademark of Immersive Soundscapes with the constant concern of the best sound quality. My goal is to make premium quality microphones.