Adapter for PIP mics to work on XLR (48V) Recorder

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Professional recorders are not often equipped with a mini jack 3.5 PIP input, this adapter allows you to use your Earsight PIP microphones with any recorder that offers a 48v XLR input (Zoom F6, Zoom F3, Zaxcom, Nagra, Sound Devices).
You can enjoy a mobile solution with a small format recorder and enjoy Earsight microphones on your pro recorder.

Specially designed for Earsight microphones, the adapter also works with any stereo microphone requiring a plug in power supply.

The XLR plugs are equipped with a circuit to convert the 48v phantom voltage to 9V PIP. This voltage is perfectly adapted for Earsight capsules which give their best performance (signal to noise ratio). Portable recorders usually offer a 2V power supply which works but does not allow to use the Earsight capsules at 100%.

Cable used for this adapter is the same than Earsight mics.

Low profile XLR are possible and you can specify the cable orientation to fit in your audio bag. Each low profile XLR plug is handmade so you can custom your wiring.

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Assemblé en France

EarSight microphones are manufactured by Immersive Soundscapes in France, in small quantities. Each model is checked before shipping. It’s also possible to offer you adapted cable lenghts to suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact me for any specific request.